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B4A latest userguide and beginners pdf for learning

b4a pdf

B4A is the fastest android development platform. With over 20,000 community members who are ready to help anytime you are need, there is extensive documentation on the b4x language, and sample code snippets to help beginners. With a clean code as this, everyone can get their applications running within 5 minutes of install.   Download […]

Building Temperature Converter with B4A


How to Develop Temperature converter with B4A (Basic4Android) Today, I will show you how to build a Temperature converter. It will be able to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius and vice versa. Am so excited so lets get started. First Create a new project, Save it as TempConverter (Recommended you do not leave space in the […]

B4A for beginners – Math Operators

B4A Tutorials on Math Operators Math Operators are used to perform operations, for example if you define a variable like this: Dim purchases As Double = 245.00 Dim discount As Double = 15.00 Dim totalAmount As Double purchases = 245.00 discount = 15.00 Now before you can get  the total amount payable, you have to […]