Huawei Emulator – Cloud Debugging on Devices


Sometimes, You do not need to have a physical device before you can test/Debug your android applications. With Huawei, they have made it possible by providing a cloud debugging service (An online Huawei Emulator).

These Huawei Emulators are just physical Devices working in the cloud, and any developer can take advantage of these devices to test their applications.



How to Launch Huawei cloud Debugging Devices

  1. Sign in to AppGallery Connect and select My projects.
  2. Select or create a project/app to be tested.
  3. Go to Quality > Cloud Debugging.
  4. Filter devices by Series, Android version, EMUI version, and Resolution.
  5. In the Apply for device model dialog box that is displayed, set Debug duration based on your needs. The options are 30 min1 h, and 2 h.
  6. Wait for the device initialization to finish.
  7. Click the Debugging tab.
  8. Click Upload to upload an APK.
  9. Check the APK upload progress and install the APK after the upload is complete.
  10. In the displayed dialog box indicating that the app is being installed, click OK. When the installation is complete, you can see the app icon on the device screen on the left.
  11. Operate the device by moving or clicking your cursor on the device screen, or clicking the power button, home button, menu button, or back button. The device will respond like your own phone.

huawei cloud debuggingHuawei cloud debugging


You can get more information from Huawei official Documentation here.

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