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B4A (Basic4Android) UI Series #4 – A quote App

Quotes App for Android and IOS In this video, we used B4X Tools – B4A and B4I to create a UI that can run on Both Android and iOS. B4A Develops apps for Android faster with Wysiwig builder, no need to code long xml or html and css B4I Develops apps for iOS and even […]

How to easily add custom fonts (typeface) to your B4A android applications

Today, I bring you another simple tutorial on how to add custom fonts easily to B4A android applications. B4A is the fastest growing android applications development IDE out there. With a large community¬† of developers always available to attend to your needs. A lot of people emailed me asking this questions. Now, why would you […]

How to Install B4A for android development the easy way

b4a installation for android development

HOW TO PROPERLY INSTALL AND SETUP B4A FOR ANDROID DEVELOPMENT B4A formerly called Basic4android has been among the top applications for native android app development. If you are someone coming form Visual Basic background or, you are someone who needs a very quick way to start developing android app in matter of minutes then B4A […]


Just as in Visual basic where in Designing your Graphical User Interface (GUI), its WYSIWYG, Basic4android is also the same way. This enables you to see your designs and final looks of your app. You also have the option to connect to the emulator during this design process and achieve the same result. The designer […]