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How to easily add custom fonts (typeface) to your B4A android applications

Today, I bring you another simple tutorial on how to add custom fonts easily to B4A android applications. B4A is the fastest growing android applications development IDE out there. With a large community  of developers always available to attend to your needs. A lot of people emailed me asking this questions. Now, why would you […]

How to Undo or Redo in WordPress with Revisions

undo in wordpress

  HOW TO UNDO OR RESTORE WORDPRESS PAGES WITH REVISIONS I know many of us have asked this questions countless times, as to how to retrieve pages we have accidentally deleted or we just want to restore to previous versions of a website due to functioning or bug in theme or plugin. I have been […]

B4A Tutorials – User Validation Part 1

B4A User Validation In this tutorials, I will teach you how to validate users which will come in handy if you are developing an application that requires user login. Validation helps to check that users enter the required characters, and more. Through part 1 of this tutorial, you will have an idea about TRIM keyword, […]