List of eSIM compatible mobile devices


What is eSim: 

eSIM also known as embedded SIM is a digital version of SIM card. It’s a chip fused into a mobile phone, wrist band or tablet devices at the point of manufacture to help connect to your network provider. eSIM performs the same functionality as a traditional SIM card, however unlike a physical SIM card it is activated by installing the “eSIM profile” on your device. 

 How do I check if my phone is eSIM compatible?

 To check for device compatibility with eSIM, dial *#06# and the barcodes will display EID numbers confirming the device is compatible. If no EID is displayed, this means the device is not eSIM compatible.

 How do I know that my phone is eSIM compatible?

Below are some eSIM compatible devices. Refer to the link for further information.

List of eSIM enabled Apple devices:

  1. iPhone 13 Pro Max,
  2. iPhone 13 Pro,
  3. iPhone 13 mini,
  4. iPhone 13,
  5. iPhone 12 Pro Max,
  6. iPhone 12 Pro,
  7. iPhone 12 mini,
  8. iPhone 12,
  9. iPhone 11 Pro Max,
  10. iPhone 11 Pro,
  11. iPhone 11,
  12. iPhone X,
  13. iPhone XS Max,
  14. iPhone XR,
  15. iPhone SE (2020),
  16. iPhone SE (2022),
  17. iPad Pro 11(1st Gen or later),
  18. iPad Pro 12.9(3rd Gen or later),
  19. iPad Air (3rd or later), Pad (7th Gen or later),
  20. iPad mini (5th Gen or later)

List of eSIM enabled Samsung devices:

  1.  Samsung Galaxy Fold,
  2. Samsung Galaxy Note20,
  3. Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra,
  4. Samsung Galaxy S22,
  5. Samsung Galaxy S22+,
  6. Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra,
  7. Samsung Galaxy S21 5G,
  8. Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G,
  9. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G,
  10. Samsung Galaxy S20,
  11. Samsung Galaxy S20+,
  12. Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra,
  13. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip,
  14. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2,
  15. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G Fold,
  16. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G,
  17. Samsung Galaxy Book 2

List of Other eSIM enabled devices:

  1.  Sony Xperia 1 IV,
  2. Google Pixel 6,
  3. Google Pixel 6a,
  4. Google Pixel 6 Pro,
  5. Google Pixel 3,
  6. Oppo FindX5 Pro,
  7. Sony Xperia 10 IV,
  8. Google Pixel 5,
  9. Google Pixel 3 XL,
  10. Google Pixel 5a 5G,
  11. Google Pixel 3a,
  12. Google Pixel 4,
  13. Google Pixel 4a,
  14. Google Pixel 4 XL,
  15. Google Pixel 2 XL,
  16. Google Pixel 3a XL,
  17. Huawei P40,
  18. Huawei Mate 40 Pro

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