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Introducing MTN Ghana’s E-sim: Check, Activate and Get 10GB of Data


E-sim, a new innovation from MTN Ghana, enables users to activate and utilize mobile network services without the need for a physical SIM card. It is no longer necessary to physical SIM card in your device, which represents a significant development in the field of telecommunications.


Just dial *#06# on your phone to see if it supports E-sim. You won’t require a physical SIM card to activate and utilize the service if your phone is compatible with E-sim. You will need to utilize a real SIM card to access mobile network services if your phone does not support E-sim.

Convenience is one of E-main sim’s advantages. You may quickly activate and use mobile network services with the e-Sim. A couple of weeks ago, AirtelTigo also introduced the E-Sim option for supported devices. This also means you switch between theses network with ease.


When the E-sim service is activated, MTN Ghana offers a significant 10gb data allotment in addition to convenience. You will therefore have a plenty of data at your disposal for web browsing, streaming music and video, and other activities.

Overall, the launch of E-sim by MTN Ghana marks a significant turning point in the telecoms industry. Customers can use it to easily activate and use mobile network services, and it offers a significant data allowance when first activated. Take advantage of this new technology if you’re an MTN Ghana client and your phone supports E-sim to get the most out of your mobile experience.

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