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Save WhatsApp status images and videos of friends and colleagues

With the introduction of the new WhatsApp status, users can be able to set picture and video for their status which expires after 24 hours.

The problem arise where you see a nice status of a friend or colleague and you will want to save, but there is no button to save, best you could do is reply to the particular status and request for the original image or video to be sent to you.

Well you are in luck as Leafecodes.com has found a TWO SOLID ways to retrieve and save WhatsApp status of all viewed status of Friends and colleagues. The first method is manual, then second is with an app which copies and saves it automatically for you.


Steps 1:

Download ES File Explorer or any file explorer that can show hidden files or folders. If you have any file browser that can show hidden files and folders on your browser, you can equally use it. Open it and goto its options and enable show hidden files



Steps 2:

Goto your WhatsApp application and view the statuses you want to save. To view the status, click on it and wait till it plays upto a a point. When the video plays, it downloads it to a special folder on your phone. This is possible for both pictures and videos

view whatsapp status


Steps 3:

Open the File Explorer (in our case ES File Explorer), Goto Settings -> Tools and ENABLE SHOW hidden files



Show hidden files on android using ES file explorer

Steps 4:

With the Es File Explorer (Or your file explorer that can see hidden files), explore to the whatsapp data folders that is WhatsApp ->Media -> .Statuses

Open the .statuses folder and all your viewed status pictures/video should be there, you now have the opportunity to save whatsapp status of those downloaded in this folder

Remember they will be deleted after 24 hours so to permanently save them, copy them to a different location example your external SDCard.


Another alternative is, in case you do not want to copy the pictures to a different locations, then try to rename the pictures to your own chosen words. In this case whatsApp application will not delete the status, since the name in its database is different from the name you used.



Download this great application from the google play store by clicking here (PushStatus) This is how it works

After viewing all the desired status, open the pushstatus application, refresh and voila, all images and videos will be there for you to save or share.

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