Just as in Visual basic where in Designing your Graphical User Interface (GUI), its WYSIWYG, Basic4android is also the same way. This enables you to see your designs and final looks of your app. You also have the option to connect to the emulator during this design process and achieve the same result.

The designer can be launched from the menu bar at the top. The designer comes with the abstract designer (WYSIWYG interface). Note that you have to save your project first before the designer can be opened. From the designer, you save what we refer to as a layout file, take for example our layout file is saved as layone, we will load into the IDE like this. Note that it should be loaded as string that is it should be guided by quotes (” “)

Sub Activity_Create (FirstTime As Boolean)

Activity.LoadLayout (“layone”)

End Sub

Above is the Designer(activity) window in yellow and the abstract designer showing some controls added to it.

Watch the video below:

Next tutorial – we will look at the controls (views) after the other. Stay tuned.

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