The Interactivity in a form/application comes from the controls (views) added onto it. For example, if you need to accept a user input, then you need to add a view call edittext, likewise if you need to add a picture to your application, then you need to add imageview.

These views can be accessed by clicking the designer menu and then Add View Menu. The names of these views are self explanatory or depicts the purposes they serve.

BUTTON: The button to me is very common and used in almost all application if not all. The button usually carries the Click Event. When you add it to your layout, it has four events associated with it namely
1. Up
2. Down
3. Click
4. Long Click

Above is a button added by the designer. From the left can see some properties available for the button.
Properties like Name,type, Event Name, Parent, left, right, width, height, enabled, tag text, etc.

The NAME is the name for the button for eg. we can call it btnClick.

to be continued…….

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