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Success seemed unlikely, hurdles unaccounted for, setbacks from sources unexpected, each time a head way opens, each time the team seem to be moving forward, there was always that draw back. Nonetheless, it happened, the first ever gathering of old students of the humble institution of Anlo Awormefia Senior High School and the official formation of an old student body (ANOSA) after 32 years of students passing out, with the aim of building upon the old foundation and making the school a better and up to standard institution like its motto states “Xoxoali, tui de dzi”. So how did it all come together?

Simple; through tolerance, relentless effort of the team and the ability of the leaders to keep the team glued and focussed regardless.


Homecoming has been an annual event held by old students of various high schools across the country for various reasons best known and better explained by the organizers and members’. It is a time where alumni are invited back by their alma maters to celebrate the bond they have with their schools and donate to its betterment.

However, this being the first of its kind to ever be organized by the Anlo Awomefia Senior High School old student body, it hasn’t been without its doubts and failures. The event was a three (3) day program that was based on the theme; “DEVELOPING OUR ALMA MATER; THE ROLE OF THE OLD STUDENTS.”

Donations worth over 15,000, marks a humble beginning of works and projects scheduled to be undertaken by the old students’ body in consultations with the management body of the school at Anyako, in the Volta Region. 

Mr Eric kudzo Kpai, the chairman of the homecoming committee, leading a delegation, of a few year groups and individual donators alike, handed over a few items of which included street lights, printer, desktops and a laptop among others to kick start a journey long overdue of the old students to embark on.

During the mini durbar, held on the 28th of September, 2019, the chairman expressed his joy in realising that when the idea of giving back to the school that nurtured them and made them pursue their dreams and become who they are now was hatched, even though some were sceptical and doubtful from the start,

everyone has come together and willing to contribute their quota to the development of the school. He stated that the first batch of donations that was made signifies the start of something great to come.

Mr Kpai said the next phase of projects to be undertaken will include the set-up of a Science Lab and also the Fencing of the Campus to create a befitting look and confined as well as a conducive environment for studies. He also stated that the issues related to water connection and supply will also be taken a closer look at.


Mr Kpai, the chairman spearheading the homecoming committee noted that it was difficult getting old students back to support their Alma Mater, but nonetheless they finally got the message and got together. He continued to say that even though it took a little over 32 years to get to this stage, better is expected of old students and more is yet to come.

Mr Gidiglo, the interim president recounted conditions during their time in school and the difficult times they had to face with fewer facilities and necessary conditions to make studies more conducive and productive, but continued to praise the resilience and motivation given them by the then tutors to keep their hope alive and forge ahead stating that there is more to be achieved.

He said despite the challenges they faced, they have now old students who are Doctors, Security Personnel, Businessmen, and Marketing Managers/Directors etc.


He advised the students to be humble and focused on their studies and make themselves available and teachable, for humility opens doors unimaginable.

Mr. Gbeve, the Headmaster on behalf of the teaching and non-teaching staff applauded the entire old student body gathered for taking up the initiative to give back to the school after so many years and posed a challenge as well as encouraged the current crop of students to emulate the gesture of the old students and continue the work they began when they also pass out.


Mr Azito, a group member and also the Head of Procurement at Fidelity Bank Ghana, advised the students to learn hard and become responsible and useful individuals. He also stated that no goal or dream is ever too big to be achieved once you are committed and dedicated to the process.


The Headmaster, Mr Gbeve with the Senior House Master, Mr Dogbey, promised to put the donations received to the right use and give them proper maintenance to motivate and attract more donations and better improvement in conditions on campus.

Michael D. Danyo

Michael D. Danyo


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