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B4A (Basic4Android) UI Series #4 – A quote App

Quotes App for Android and IOS In this video, we used B4X Tools – B4A and B4I to create a UI that can run on Both Android and iOS. B4A Develops apps for Android faster with Wysiwig builder, no need to code long xml or html and css B4I Develops apps for iOS and even […]

B4A ( Basic4Android ) UI Series #2 – Login Screen

Hello, This tutorial is first of many to come in the User Interface designing with B4A (B4X Suite). B4A also known as Basic4android is a modern visual basic language for developing android applications very fast, with Wysiwig editor and many more. Download the IDE Download the source code here https://github.com/LEAFECODES/B4A-UI-series-2-Login-screen Visit our youtube channel for […]

B4A latest userguide and beginners pdf for learning

b4a pdf

B4A is the fastest android development platform. With over 20,000 community members who are ready to help anytime you are need, there is extensive documentation on the b4x language, and sample code snippets to help beginners. With a clean code as this, everyone can get their applications running within 5 minutes of install.   Download […]

Building Temperature Converter with B4A


How to Develop Temperature converter with B4A (Basic4Android) Today, I will show you how to build a Temperature converter. It will be able to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius and vice versa. Am so excited so lets get started. First Create a new project, Save it as TempConverter (Recommended you do not leave space in the […]

How to Install B4A for android development the easy way

b4a installation for android development

HOW TO PROPERLY INSTALL AND SETUP B4A FOR ANDROID DEVELOPMENT B4A formerly called Basic4android has been among the top applications for native android app development. If you are someone coming form Visual Basic background or, you are someone who needs a very quick way to start developing android app in matter of minutes then B4A […]

Android Web Browser with B4A

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Hello Everyone, Today I will show you how to develop a simple browser application for your android using B4A. B4A (Formally Basic4Android) is a fast and Rapid Android development platform. Lets see how easy it is to develop a browser app in less than 3 minutes. Buy Full version  or Download Trial Version Features 1. The […]

B4A Tutorials – User Validation Part 1

B4A User Validation In this tutorials, I will teach you how to validate users which will come in handy if you are developing an application that requires user login. Validation helps to check that users enter the required characters, and more. Through part 1 of this tutorial, you will have an idea about TRIM keyword, […]

B4A Tutorial – How color is assigned to Contacts initials

In this Video tutorial , i show you how to grab initials of an app user and apply colors to it like how emails like gmail or telegram does it in the absence of a profile picture.   Through this course, you will learn how to use select case and charAt and create a layout. […]